Reflections vs Resolutions As We Move Into 2022

The new year tends to prompt the immediate urge to set new resolutions. As we enter our third year of the pandemic, it was important for me to reflect and resist the knee-jerk reaction to immediately start making new resolutions. How could I make new resolutions, if perhaps I didn’t acknowledge both what I have achieved and what may need more work?

To reflect on 2021 was a great exercise in both forgiveness and celebration. I forgave myself for not seeing family as often as I wanted, for not telling those I care about (my friends, co-workers and family) often enough how important they are to me, and for not reading all those books I set aside. I celebrated that I got to spend a lot of quality time with my son, that I became certified in teaching meditation and breathwork and that I’ve had the time and ability to discuss and push certain innovation policies and perspectives in my industry.

With this reflection and celebration, I realized it was easier to set my 2022 resolutions and categorize them in the fashion of wanting: “more of,” “less of” and “to recommit” than just listing off “new” things to achieve. I am also a big believer in sharing goals because the more who are aware of what you are trying to achieve, the more likely they are to refer, suggest and help as opportunities arise.

So here are my 2022 resolutions:

More time with my son to problem solve together

Last October, my teenage son and I sat down for an innovation session and discussed jobs that kids may have in the future. Not only did we both enjoy this lively conversation together (which you can read about here), I also learned so much about his generation which was an incredible glimpse into what’s possible for our shared humanity. Most importantly, I learned that if you want to be inspired and also be pushed to think differently, ask a child what they truly think. You’ll be surprised to learn that they may be ahead of you in regards to what the future holds.

Recommit to Mindfulness both in my personal and professional lives

In June of 2020, in the midst of COVID uncertainty and political unrest, I wrote an article on how we can use mindfulness in times of crisis. Here we are again in January of 2022 facing uncertainty with school closures, new COVID variants and mounting stress for most. Incorporating my new meditation and breathwork certifications I earned in 2021, my goal is to recommit to a determined mindset that involves daily meditation, self-care that includes breathwork and exercise, and focusing on what’s in my control which includes not to dwelling on a worst case scenario and tending to what’s right in front of me. It’s easy to think of mindfulness as something that happens only in ideal surroundings — meditating on a peaceful mountaintop, doing yoga on the beach at sunrise, being “in the moment” with an Instagram-ready backdrop. I believe mindfulness is also about adopting a more human-centric philosophy on how to manage work and teams. Mindfulness at work is a way of recognizing and supporting people’s emotional needs and different types of intelligence — and if handled correctly — can foster a more stress-free, productive, and innovative workforce.

Recommit to my workplace philosophies

In 2020 and 2021, I spent much time talking about the importance of 3 things: 1) innovation that secures American invention 2) Diversity as a key pillar to building equitable legal systems and upending conformity to enhance deliberation and perspectives resulting in increased innovation and better risk assessment and 3) building teams that value mindfulness, the subsequent innovation that can come from anywhere and unparalleled flexibility as a means of invention and retention as driving economic forces. I will recommit to these pillars in 2022.

Less worrying, more doing

I resolve to focus on what’s in my control. 2020 and 2021 were unparalleled years of crisis. Our nation suffered. Business shuttered and lives were lost. Though hope is still on the horizon, we are still in the midst of coronavirus chaos, it might seem like the world is upside down and all of our priorities are fundamentally different. But the best-run organizations tend to have a sense of True North and stay focused on key priorities in times of crisis.

Moments like we experienced, remind us of how important other people are to our success and happiness in life. I believe checking in regularly with your work team, your customers and colleagues, your professional network, your friends, and your family will be ever more critical in 2022.




An inventor and leading voice on #entertainment and #innovation. COO, Invention Investment Funds @Intellectual Ventures

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Arvin Patel

Arvin Patel

An inventor and leading voice on #entertainment and #innovation. COO, Invention Investment Funds @Intellectual Ventures

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