TV Expert Recommends: Top 9 Shows for Your Quarantine Watchlist

By Arvin Patel, EVP & CIPO at TiVo, Entertainment + Tech Thought Leader, Forbes Contributor

The bad news: we’re all stuck at home because of the coronavirus.

The good news: never before in history has there been so much great stuff to watch on TV!

Streaming services are booming because everyone is home, and it’s made me more appreciative of great TV than ever before. Yes, we have to stay home for a while, but at least we can comfort ourselves with some great entertainment.

I’m really passionate about innovation and intellectual property, so I can appreciate the creativity and effort that goes into making a great TV watching experience. Also, I’m a big fan of OTT services and the fantastic shows that are currently driving the public conversation and shaping the boundaries of pop culture.

So today, I’d like to lighten things up a bit, by playing TV critic for a moment, and share a few of my favorite shows with you!

Here are my Top 9 Best Shows to Stream While Sheltering in Place:

1. Succession

What It’s About: Succession is a scripted comedy-drama series about a family-owned business that also happens to be one of the world’s largest media conglomerates. When the aging patriarch of the family decides to step back from his role as CEO, his children start to make some aggressive power moves to secure their future.

If you loved the movie The Big Short, you will love this show. (It’s from the same director, Adam McKay.) Succession has a rare combination of dark humor and compelling dramatic plot, and is set in a world of high-stakes business intrigue.

Watch the Trailer: Succession: Season 1 Official Trailer

Where to Watch: HBO, HBO Now, Hulu (with HBO Add-On)

2. Family Karma

What It’s About: This reality TV series on Bravo is a look at the lives of a group of Indian American friends in Miami. They navigate careers, families, and dating as young adults — sometimes with well-intentioned pressure from their highly opinionated parents, aunts, and uncles. This show is a deeply real, human, funny, poignant, and authentic look at Indian culture. It’s a unique perspective on the lives of children of Indian immigrants and how they create their own identities as adults while being conversant in multiple cultures. Anyone who is of Indian heritage will recognize aspects of themselves and their loved ones in this show. Anyone who wants to understand more about Indian culture and what makes the Indian American community so special would enjoy this show, too!

Watch the Trailer: Family Karma on Bravo

Where to Watch: Bravo, Sling TV, YouTube TV, fuboTV

3. The Office

What It’s About: The Office is about everything that people tend to love and laugh about when it comes to workplace dynamics. And we can all use some laughs right now! Steve Carell is one of my favorite actors, and this show has brought so many laughs into my life over the years.

Watch the Trailer: The Office Season 1 Trailer

Where to Watch: Netflix

4. The Kominsky Method

What It’s About: In this sophisticated comedy series, Michael Douglas plays Sandy Kominsky, a once-successful actor who has become a renowned Hollywood acting coach. Alan Arkin portrays Kominsky’s best friend and talent agent. Together, they explore the challenges of being human, and growing older, in a business that tends to revere youth. The actors in this show are so great, and it’s funny and poignant to watch them discuss big life questions.

Watch the Trailer: The Kominsky Method Trailer

Where to Watch: Netflix

5. Game of Thrones

What It’s About: In case you haven’t seen HBO’s blockbuster fantasy epic, Game of Thrones — it is about power, politics, leadership, family, and human resilience in the face of terrible circumstances. A must see series, for sure.

Watch the Trailer: Game of Thrones Season 1: “The Game Begins” Preview

Where to Watch: HBO, HBO Now, Hulu (with HBO Add-On)

6. Steve Jobs — One Last Thing

What It’s About: This PBS documentary is about the life and work of Steve Jobs. Everyone working in the tech, media, or entertainment industries today has been influenced by Steve Jobs. Even though it’s been several years since Steve passed away, we’re all still living with his positive legacy. As we get through this time of crisis, it’s useful to find lessons and inspiration on building world-class brands from our biggest innovators.

Watch the Trailer: PBS website

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

7. The Morning Show

What It’s About: This drama series from Apple TV+ starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell, is about the intrigue, scandals, extreme personalities, rivalries, and surprisingly intense conflicts behind the scenes of a morning TV news show.

Watch the Trailer: The Morning Show Trailer

Where to Watch: Apple TV+

8. Ugly Delicious

What It’s About: This food documentary series features Chef David Chang as he explores ways of helping people become more open to trying new things with food. It’s about food and the way that food creates human culture. During this time when people are stuck at home and are not able to eat inside restaurants, this show becomes real TV “comfort food”. It helps us all learn from each other, and look forward to a better future together.

Watch the Trailer: Ugly Delicious Trailer

Where to Watch: Netflix

9. Chicago Fire

What it’s About: Firefighters are some of America’s favorite heroes. This show depicts the daily work, big personalities, and behind the scenes drama of a Chicago firehouse. It’s about leadership, teamwork, and the everyday heroism of our first responders and public servants who keep our cities safe.

Watch the Trailer: Chicago Fire on NBC

Where to Watch: NBC, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube TV, fuboTV

What do you think of my list of shows? What’s on your watchlist? Leave me a comment, and let me know!

Thank you for taking the time to read my favorites list of shows! Please stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy. We will get through this together, and get back to spending time together in real life, very soon.

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